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Accurate Action / Reliable Durability / Affordable Price

The most basic attach of a forklift is the Fork Positoner and Side Shift, or a combination of both functions. ​​​​​​​

Side Shifter


The fork can be moved from side to side to side to side to handle the cargo of pallets off the center of the vehicle, enabling quick work.


Rapid loading and unloading in restricted areas, such as working in warehouses and containers, is possible and saves load space.

Side Shift.jpg

Fork Positioner


Hydraulic cylinder allows for free adjustment of fork spacing, allowing rapid handling of various sizes of sewage.



Efficient for long-length work with different sizes of pallets and cargo


Two-way, one-sided, shift-type, 360-degree rotary


Porduct Video _ fork positioner two way + shift type​​​​​​​

Porduct Video _ Fork Positioner + Side Shift Complex

Porduct Video _ Fork Positioner shaft type


Fork_Positioner pdf.jpg
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